class PartitionData(all_shard_edges: List[ShardEdgesAndFeatures], node_ranges: List[Tuple[int, int]], node_features: Dict[str, Tensor], node_type_names: List[str], edge_type_names: List[str])

Stores all the data for the local partition

all_shard_edges : List[ShardEdgesAndFeatures]

A list of ShardEdgesAndFeatures objects. One for edges incoming from each partition

node_ranges : List[Tuple[int,int]]

node_ranges[i] is a tuple of the start and end global node indices for nodes in partition i.

node_features : Dict[str,Tensor]

Dictionary of node features for nodes in local partition

node_type_names : List[str]

List of node type names. Use in conjunction with dgl.NTYPE node features to get the node type of each node

edge_type_names : List[str]

List of edge type names. Use in conjunction with dgl.ETYPE edge features to get the edge type of each edge